Postal Complaints Service

Complaints Complaints

Service description

It is a service provided by the communications and information technology commission, which allows the Beneficiary in the event of a problem in any of the postal services with a service provider licensed by the CITC to submit a complaint to the service provider. If the user is not satisfied with the solution provided or if 10 days have passed without resolving the complaint, the complaint can be escalated to the CITC

Beneficiary Category

  • Individuals (Citizens and Residents)
  • Business Sector (Companies and Institutions)

How it works

Complaint Process through the Service Provider


Submitting the complaint

Through service provider's customer service center
or through CITC website


Resolve Complaint and Inform Beneficiary

within a maximum of 10 days
In case if SP replied and you are still not satisfied, you can esclate your complaint to CITC


Check Result of Resolving the Complaint

The user checks result of resolving complaint by service provider in accordance with regulations

Terms of service provision
Submit complaint

Track complaint


Dear user, if you have already complained to the service provider and have not received a satisfactory result, you have a reference number for the complaint. You can escalate your complaint to CITC by clicking on the link below

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